Morocco 7-Day Tour from Casablanca to Marrakech

Morocco 7-Day Tour from Casablanca to Marrakech



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Morocco 7-Day Tour from Casablanca to Marrakech

The Morocco 7-Day Tour from Casablanca to Marrakech is your passport to unlocking the captivating allure of this vibrant country. offering a gateway to explore its diverse landscapes and rich culture over the span of seven unforgettable days. This immersive experience promises to unveil the rich tapestry of Morocco's cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes. offering a unique blend of history, natural wonders, and authentic encounters.

Start your journey in the charming town of Chefchaouen, famous for its stunning blue-painted architecture framed by the majestic Rif Mountains.

This desert Tour from Casablanca to Marrakech offers a comprehensive exploration, combining the vibrancy of Marrakech with the tranquility of the desert. From historical sites to serene desert landscapes, immerse yourself in the magic of Morocco. Book your desert tour from Casablanca today.

Lose yourself in the labyrinthine streets of the medina, adorned with white and blue hues, and immerse yourself in the vibrant ambiance of the local markets, brimming with native handicrafts and treasures waiting to be discovered. Journey onwards to Fez, a city steeped in history and tradition, where ancient alleyways lead to hidden gems and architectural marvels.

The Morocco 7-Day Tour from Casablanca to Marrakech. is a wonderful opportunity to delve into the UNESCO-listed Medina with an expert guide. unlocking its rich history as you visit iconic landmarks like the Palace. University of Al Karaouine. and the Nejjarine fountains. This tour also allows you to discover the diverse landscapes of Morocco, from the verdant beauty of Ifrane. often likened to the "Switzerland of Morocco". to the awe-inspiring Merzouga Desert.

Immerse yourself in the desert's enchanting magic with a camel ride amidst towering dunes. culminating in a mesmerizing sunset that bathes the sky in golden and crimson hues.

Explore the rugged beauty of the Todgha Gorge

Explore the rugged beauty of the Todgha Gorge and the serene expanse of the Dades Valley, where towering cliffs and verdant oases create a picturesque backdrop for unforgettable moments. Spend a night in a traditional kasbah, surrounded by the tranquility of the desert landscape, and savor the flavors of Moroccan cuisine under a starlit sky. Journey onwards to Marrakech, a city steeped in legend and mystique, where ancient palaces and bustling souks beckon to be explored.

Delve into the vibrant energy of the city as you wander through its labyrinthine alleys, marveling at iconic landmarks such as the Bahia Palace, Koutoubia Mosque, and Jamaa el Fna Square. Conclude your journey with memories to last a lifetime as you bid farewell to Morocco, whether from Casablanca airport or amidst the bustling streets of Marrakech. Reflect on the myriad experiences and encounters that have shaped your Moroccan adventure, leaving you with a deep appreciation for the beauty and diversity of this captivating country.

Highlights of Morocco 7-Day Tour from Casablanca to Marrakech:

  1. Chefchaouen, the Blue Jewel: Begin your journey in the picturesque city of Chefchaouen, where azure-hued buildings and labyrinthine streets create a magical atmosphere. Explore the vibrant markets, capture stunning photographs against the backdrop of the Rif Mountains, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of local culture.
  2. Fez, the Ancient Medina: Dive into the storied past of Morocco as you wander through the ancient streets of Fez. Explore the UNESCO-listed Medina, marvel at architectural wonders like the University of Al Karaouine, and soak in the vibrant ambiance of this historic city.
  3. Merzouga Desert Adventure: Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Sahara Desert with a camel ride through the golden sands of Merzouga. Witness the spectacle of a desert sunset, indulge in traditional Moroccan cuisine under the starlit sky, and create memories that will last a lifetime.
  4. Todgha Gorge and Dades Valley: Traverse the rugged terrain of the Todgha Gorge, where sheer cliffs and winding pathways offer a glimpse into nature's raw splendor. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the Dades Valley, savoring the tranquility of the surrounding landscapes and indulging in a lavish dinner at a traditional kasbah.
  5. Ait Ben Haddou and Ouarzazate: Explore the ancient ksar of Ait Ben Haddou, a UNESCO World Heritage site immortalized in film and folklore. Discover the cinematic magic of Ouarzazate, known as the African Hollywood, and tour the iconic movie studios and historic kasbahs.
  6. Marrakech, the Red City: Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of Marrakech as you explore its iconic landmarks, including the Bahia Palace, Saadian Tombs, and Koutoubia Mosque. Lose yourself in the bustling souks, stroll through the serene oasis of the Majorelle Garden, and witness the spectacle of Jamaa el Fna Square come alive at night.

Know Before You Go: Morocco 7-Day Tour from Casablanca to Marrakech

  1. Pregnancy Considerations: Pregnant women are advised to consult with their healthcare provider before embarking on this tour, especially considering the varied terrain and activities involved. Some activities, such as camel rides in the desert, may not be suitable for pregnant women.
  2. Pet Policy: Pets are generally not allowed on this tour, except for service animals assisting individuals with disabilities. However, small group tours may have exceptions to this rule. Please inquire with the tour operator for specific details regarding pets.
  3. Cut-off Times: Please note that cut-off times for activities and experiences are based on the local time of each destination. It's important to adhere to these cut-off times to ensure a smooth and enjoyable tour experience.
  4. Weather Considerations: This tour requires good weather conditions to proceed as planned. In the event of poor weather, such as heavy rain or extreme heat, certain activities may be canceled or rescheduled. If your tour is canceled due to inclement weather, you will be offered the option of choosing a different date or receiving a full refund.
  5. Minimum Traveler Requirement: Please be aware that this tour requires a minimum number of travelers to proceed. If the minimum number of participants isn't met, the tour may be canceled. In such cases, you will be given the option to reschedule for a different date or choose an alternative tour experience. Alternatively, you may also opt for a full refund.

Before embarking on your Morocco 7-Day Tour from Casablanca to Marrakech, be sure to review these important considerations to ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to the tour operator for further assistance.


  • Transport by private modern vehicle with A/C
  • Private Transport
  • Car fuel
  • Experienced English speaking Driver/Guide
  • Food and drinks
  • Entrance fees
  • Tips and personal expenses

Tour Plan

Day 1 Casablanca - Chefchaouen (The blue city) 330km

Your Morocco 7-Day Tour from Casablanca to Marrakech begins as you depart from the bustling metropolis of Casablanca towards the enchanting azure city of Chefchaouen. Whether you're greeted at your accommodation or the airport, our friendly driver-guide will accompany you on this mesmerizing journey.

Nestled amidst the rugged Rif Mountains, Chefchaouen beckons with its timeless charm and traditional architecture. As you wander through the winding streets of the medina, adorned with white and blue-washed walls, immerse yourself in the vibrant ambiance of the local markets. Discover unique native handicrafts and capture the essence of this picturesque city, renowned as a haven for photographers.

Indulge in leisurely strolls through the labyrinthine alleys, each corner revealing a new facet of Chefchaouen's captivating beauty. From the quaint cafes to the bustling squares, every moment is an opportunity to delve deeper into the soul of this mesmerizing destination.

As the day draws to a close, retire to your comfortable hotel, nestled amidst the scenic splendor of Chefchaouen. Let the tranquility of the surroundings envelop you as you prepare for the adventures that await in the days ahead. With admission tickets included and ample time to explore, Day 1 sets the stage for an unforgettable Moroccan escapade.

Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 2 Chefchaouen - Fes (220 km)

On the second day of your Casablanca to Marrakech tour, we will bid adieu to the azure charm of Chefchaouen and venture onwards to the storied city of Fez. As the morning sun illuminates the winding streets, prepare to delve deeper into Morocco's rich tapestry of history and culture.

After indulging in a delightful breakfast, our journey resumes with a scenic drive towards Fez. Upon arrival, you'll have the pleasure of meeting our seasoned local guide, who will lead you on an immersive exploration of the city's ancient Medina.

Step into a world where time seems to stand still as you traverse the historic streets, each alleyway adorned with secrets waiting to be uncovered. From the grandeur of the Palace to the hallowed halls of the University of Al Karaouine, every step unveils a new chapter in Morocco's illustrious past.

Pause to admire the intricate craftsmanship of the Nejjarine fountains and pay homage at the mausoleum of Moulay Idriss, a revered figure in Moroccan history. As the day draws to a close, retreat to the heart of the bustling Medina, where a charming Riad awaits your arrival.

Nestled amidst the labyrinthine lanes, this traditional abode offers a haven of tranquility amidst the bustling city. With admission tickets included and a comfortable overnight stay in a Riad, Day 2 promises an enriching immersion into the timeless allure of Fez.

Day 3 Fes - Ifrane - Merzouga Desert 460km

On the third leg of your Casablanca to Marrakech adventure, we bid a fond farewell to the ancient city of Fez and embark on a journey through the diverse landscapes of Morocco. Following a hearty breakfast, our expedition leads us towards the captivating allure of the Merzouga Desert, spanning a distance of 460 kilometers.

Our first stop takes us to the picturesque city of Ifrane, often likened to the Swiss countryside for its pristine beauty and alpine charm. Traverse the scenic routes of the Middle Atlas Mountains, where every twist and turn reveals breathtaking vistas of nature's grandeur.

Pause at Azrou, where the majestic cedar forest awaits, home to playful monkeys and a perfect backdrop for memorable photographs. Continuing our journey, we venture onward to the city of apples, Midelt, where a leisurely lunch break awaits amidst the stunning landscapes.

As we wind our way through the Ziz Valley, passing by quaint Berber villages, we approach the famed city of Erfoud, renowned for its rich fossil heritage. Finally, as the sun begins its descent, we arrive at the ethereal beauty of the Merzouga Desert.

Prepare for an enchanting experience as you embark on a camel ride across the golden sands, a timeless tradition that offers unparalleled views of the desert landscape. As dusk settles, witness the spectacle of a desert sunset, painting the sky in hues of crimson and gold.

After a delectable dinner under the starlit sky, gather around the campfire for stories and song, immersing yourself in the magic of the desert night. With accommodations provided in a luxury desert camp and admission tickets included, Day 3 promises an unforgettable immersion into the captivating beauty of the Merzouga Desert.

Day 4 Merzouga - Todra canyon - Dades Valley (250 km)

Continuing your immersive journey through Morocco, Day 4 of your Casablanca to Marrakech tour begins with a breathtaking spectacle—the sunrise over the mesmerizing dunes of the Merzouga Desert. Rising early to witness this natural wonder is an experience that will remain etched in your memory.

After a hearty breakfast amidst the serene desert landscape, we bid farewell to Merzouga and embark on a camelback journey back to civilization. As we traverse the golden sands, take a moment to soak in the tranquility of the desert, knowing that new adventures await.

Our route leads us towards the captivating Todgha Gorge, a natural wonder carved into the rugged terrain over millennia. Pause to marvel at the sheer cliffs and winding pathways of this majestic canyon, where ancient kasbahs stand as silent sentinels of the past.

Take the opportunity to explore the Todghra Valley and Gorges on foot, immersing yourself in the raw beauty of the surrounding landscape. As our journey continues towards the Dades Valley, prepare for an evening of relaxation and indulgence.

Arriving in the Dades Valley, you'll be treated to a lavish dinner amidst the tranquil setting of a traditional kasbah. As night falls, savor the flavors of Moroccan cuisine under the starlit sky, knowing that tomorrow holds new adventures in store.

With accommodations provided in a traditional kasbah and admission tickets included, Day 4 promises a seamless blend of natural wonders and cultural immersion, offering a glimpse into the timeless beauty of Morocco's landscapes.

Day 5 Dades Valley - Ait Ben Haddou - Marrakech (340 km)

As Day 5 unfolds on your Casablanca to Marrakech voyage, prepare for another day of exploration and discovery. After a satisfying breakfast amidst the serene surroundings of the Dades Valley, our journey towards Marrakech begins.

Setting off once more through the rugged beauty of the Dades Valley, take a moment to appreciate the raw splendor of nature's handiwork. As the landscapes unfold before you, immerse yourself in the tranquility of the surroundings, knowing that each twist and turn reveals a new facet of Morocco's natural allure.

Our route leads us to Ouarzazate, often referred to as the African Hollywood, where you'll have the opportunity to explore the iconic movie studios and the historic Taourirt Kasbah. Step into the world of cinematic magic as you wander through the sets that have brought countless stories to life on the silver screen.

Continuing onwards, we make our way to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ait Ben Haddou Ksar, the largest Ksar in Morocco. As you explore the ancient streets and towering mud-brick structures, immerse yourself in the rich history and cultural heritage of this storied landmark, immortalized in films such as Gladiator and Lawrence of Arabia.

Our journey culminates with a scenic drive through the majestic Tichka Pass, offering panoramic views of Morocco's diverse landscapes. As we arrive in Marrakech by afternoon, prepare to be enchanted by the vibrant energy and timeless allure of this legendary city.

With accommodations provided in a charming hotel and admission tickets included, Day 5 promises a seamless blend of cultural immersion and scenic beauty, offering a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Morocco's past and present.

Day 6: Marrakech guided tour

As your Casablanca to Marrakech adventure enters its penultimate day, get ready for an immersive exploration of Marrakech's vibrant tapestry of sights, sounds, and colors. After a delightful breakfast at your Riad, prepare to embark on a journey through the iconic landmarks and hidden gems of the Red City.

Guided by a knowledgeable local, your day begins with a visit to the opulent Bahia Palace, a masterpiece of Moroccan architecture adorned with intricate mosaics and lush gardens. Delve into the rich history of the Saadian Tombs, where the legacy of past rulers is etched into the walls of ornate mausoleums.

Next, marvel at the towering minaret of the Koutoubia Mosque, an iconic symbol of Marrakech's skyline, before venturing into the bustling heart of Jamaa el Fna Square. Here, the pulse of the city beats strongest, as artisans, storytellers, and musicians converge to create a vibrant tapestry of sights and sounds.

Stroll through the serene oasis of the Majorelle Garden, where exotic flora and vibrant colors transport you to another world. Pause to reflect at the historic Ben Youssef Madrasa, a testament to Morocco's rich cultural heritage and architectural prowess.

As the day draws to a close, we recommend a leisurely walk to Jamaa el Fna Square, where the atmosphere comes alive with the mesmerizing performances of snake charmers, storytellers, and bustling markets. Lose yourself in the kaleidoscope of sights and sounds, savoring the essence of Marrakech's vibrant street life.

With admission tickets included and a comfortable overnight stay in the same hotel, Day 6 promises a captivating immersion into the timeless allure of Marrakech, leaving you with memories to last a lifetime.

Day 7 : Marrakech-Casablanca

On the final day of your Moroccan escapade, bid farewell to the bustling streets of Marrakech as you prepare for your journey home. After enjoying a leisurely breakfast at your hotel, our team will ensure a seamless transfer to the airport, timed perfectly to coincide with your flight departure.

As we make our way to the airport, there may be an opportunity to visit the iconic Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, a magnificent architectural marvel that stands as a testament to Morocco's rich heritage. If missed on the first day, this visit will provide a fitting conclusion to your exploration of Moroccan landmarks.

With admission tickets included and ample time allocated for your airport transfer, rest assured that every detail of your departure is carefully coordinated for your convenience. Additionally, should you wish to extend your stay and conclude your tour in Marrakech instead of Casablanca, we are happy to accommodate your preference.

As you reflect on the unforgettable experiences and cherished memories of your Moroccan adventure, take solace in the knowledge that the vibrant colors, rich flavors, and warm hospitality of this enchanting country will linger in your heart long after you depart.

Prepare to embark on your homeward journey with a sense of fulfillment and gratitude for the wondrous moments shared and the bonds forged along the way. Until we meet again, may your memories of Morocco be a source of joy and inspiration for years to come.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to book this tour?

To book the tour, please send us an email with details such as the number of guests and the expected date of arrival. If you have specific preferences, would like to customize the tour, or have special requests, kindly include them in your email. We will promptly respond within 24 hours to assist you further. Additionally, we will provide you with information on how to proceed with the payment for the tour. Thank you for choosing our services, and we look forward to making your experience memorable.”

Can I customize my tour itinerary?

Yes, we understand that each traveler has unique preferences. We offer the flexibility to customize your tour itinerary to better suit your interests, schedule, and preferences. Contact our customer service team, and we will work with you to create a personalized experience.

What is the payment process for booking this tour?

To secure your booking, we require a 20% deposit at the time of reservation. The remaining balance can be paid up to 30 days before the tour start date. We accept payments through PayPal, Visa card, Western Union, or a direct deposit into our bank account. Our booking process is secure, and you will receive a confirmation email with all the details once the payment is completed. Please ensure to make the final payment by the specified deadline to guarantee your reservation. If you have any questions or need assistance with the payment process, feel free to contact our customer service team

Is travel insurance included in the tour package?

Travel insurance is not automatically included in our tour packages. However, we strongly recommend that all our customers have comprehensive travel insurance to cover unexpected events such as trip cancellations, medical emergencies, and lost baggage. You can either arrange your own travel insurance or inquire with us about available options.

What should I pack for this tour?

The packing list may vary depending on the specific tour and time of year. Generally, we recommend packing comfortable clothing, suitable footwear for walking, a hat, sunscreen, a reusable water bottle, and any personal items you may need. For specific recommendations, refer to our detailed packing guide provided upon booking.

Are there any specific health or fitness requirements for this tour?

Our tours are designed to be accessible to a wide range of participants. However, some tours may involve activities such as hiking, walking tours, or other physical activities. If you have any specific health concerns or physical limitations, please inform us during the booking process. We can provide more detailed information about the level of physical activity involved in each tour, ensuring you have a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Will there be opportunities for both sunrise and sunset photography during the tour?

Absolutely, our 4-day photography tour is meticulously planned to provide enchanting opportunities for both sunrise and sunset photography. Capture the magical moments as the sun paints the landscapes with stunning hues, creating unforgettable images.

Are photography permits required for certain locations on the tour?

Yes, there may be specific locations that require photography permits, and we ensure to facilitate the process for our participants. Our team will assist in obtaining any necessary permits to ensure a smooth and compliant photography experience.

What is the level of physical activity involved in the tour, and is it suitable for all skill levels?

The tour is designed to accommodate varying skill levels and physical abilities. While some locations may involve moderate physical activity, we ensure flexibility and support for all participants. Our guides provide assistance, making the tour accessible to photographers of all levels.


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    “Absolutely fantastic tour! My wife and I had the pleasure of experiencing the Morocco 7-Day Tour from Casablanca to Marrakech, guided by Hicham. From the enchanting blue city of Chefchaouen to the mesmerizing Sahara Desert, every stop was filled with wonder. Hicham’s expertise and warmth made the journey even more memorable. We can’t wait to return!” –

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